Be Your Own Hugh Hefner

This Easter why not treat yourself Hugh Hefner style and surround yourself with a bevy of bunnies. Our very special ladies would love nothing more to come visit you and treat you to a sexy striptease down to their pink bunny ears and little fluffy tails. Or how about you invite two of our bouncing bunnies over for a doubly sexy striptease and lesbian show – in nothing more than their pink bunny ears and little fluffy tails, after which they will turn their attention to you. Are you up to the challenge? In fact, you could invite as many bunnies as you would like for the party.

Your first bunny will come to you for $450 including your sexy bunny-tease*

Your second bunny will come out for $350 including sexy bunny-tease*

Third and subsequent bunnies will come out for $250 each including sexy bunny-tease*

Lesbian bunny show will be an extra $50 per bunny.

*One-way travel will be charged per bunny and service is for one male bunny only.