Erotic Stories

Sydney Outcalls would like to introduce their carefully chosen collection of classic short stories and erotica, all recorded onto their website for your  listening pleasure. You will find sexy stories to listen to that suit all tastes  and individual turn-ons – plus stories that cover the many different  sub-genres within the best of the adult fiction and sexual erotica  categories. Listening to these stories can even be a kind of foreplay that will stimulate your libido and have you super-aroused, able and very ready to ravish your escort as soon as she walks in! These tales will have you enlivened and awaiting the arrival of your chosen lady with bated breath and anticipation! Definitely the stuff that fantasies are made of…. and you don’t even have to read the erotica yourself. Give it a try – get comfortable, clear your mind, sit back, allow yourself to be read to and let your imagination go wherever it will!

After Dinner

Camping Squirt


Golden Shower

Introductory Threesomes

Lick It

Pre Marital Sex


Someone Was Watching

The Babysitter

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