12 reasons why sex is good for you
When you’re a busy mum, the idea of sex at the end of long day can be as inviting as your next visit to the dentist. For too many women, having sex is just another task on their Things to Do list.

So if you need a little incentive to rev up your engine, studies now show that sex is actually good for you and good for your health. Here’s why:

1. Sex prevents heart attacks and strokes

Despite what happens in movies, it is extremely uncommon for anyone to die during intercourse due to heart attack or stroke. Sex can be good but it is rarely THAT good! Sex actually gets your blood pumping through your blood vessels so having sex a couple of times a week may actually cut your risk of stroke or heart attack in half.

2. Sex alleviates stress levels

A study has shown that those who have sex regularly cope better with stress. It turns out that physical intimacy – hugs and kisses – do plenty to alleviate stress too. Simply being touched can release the feel-good hormone oxytocin into the blood system so it isn’t necessary to experience an orgasm to feel the good effects of sex on stress levels.

3. Sex reduces depression

Those feel-good hormones that having sex produces, also help keep depression at bay. Studies show that having regular sex makes your world a sunnier place to live in, all thanks to oxytocin.

4. Sex prevents osteoporosis

Women who have sex regularly have higher testosterone levels – and higher testosterone levels mean better bone density and lower risk of osteoporosis.

5. Sex reduces colds and flu

Having sex at least once a week increases the production of the antibody immunoglobulin. These antibodies are immune-boosting, so more sex means a better immune system and less colds and flu.

6. Sex relieves headaches

It may be the last thing you feel like doing when you’ve got a sore head, but having sex when you have a headache can be a pain-reliever. In fact, the analgesic effects of the endorphins and corticosteroids released during sex can help other types of pain as well, including cramps, body aches and arthritic pain.

7. Sex helps sleep

Have you ever wondered how your fella can go from enthusiastically doing the deed to deep asleep in minutes? It turns out that the oxytocin that’s released during an orgasm can work better the best sleeping tablets! Need a good night’s sleep? Simply chase the Big O and you’ll sleep like a baby.

8. Sex keeps you fit

Not only does sex give your pelvis, thighs, buttocks and arms a good workout, but if you really throw yourself into the act, you’ll get a good cardio workout too. Some experts estimate that 30 minutes of active sex is equivalent to 15 minutes on a treadmill. With your pulse rate up, you’ll be getting fit in bed!

9. Sex improves your pelvic floor

Sex gives all the pelvic floor muscles a good workout – so if pregnancy and birth have had a detrimental effect on these muscles, then aside from doing pelvic floor exercises each day, the next best thing you can do is have regular sex – and ideally, have regular orgasms as these will cause the entire pelvic floor to contract and tighten.

10. Sex improves intimacy

It may seem obvious but couples who have regular sex tend to be closer and enjoy greater intimacy. Enjoying a regular physical connection with your partner is a great way to remind yourself that you are lovingly and emotionally supported

11. Sex fights aging

Studies show you can slow time’s march on your body by having regular sex. Because sex improves your mood, helps you to sleep better, and tones your body, regular sex can have an anti-aging effect on your body.

12. Sex heals wounds

Oxytocin, the hormone released during sex, has been shown to help wounds heal – even slow-to-improve wounds, such as those experienced by diabetics. In fact, regular sex will result in the oxytocin released into your body rejuvenating some types of cells.

How Viagra May Prevent Colorectal Cancer

Thanks to its distinctive effects on the male body, Viagra is a medication that has improved the relationships of millions of couples all around the world over the last couple of decades. However, scientists are now starting to realize that one of the little blue pill’s unexpected side effects actually has the potential to save thousands of lives each year!

Researchers studying the way sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra) works on mice have noticed that by giving them a small daily dose of the chemical, they were able to significantly reduce their chances of developing colorectal cancer.

According to Darren D. Browning, a biochemist from Augusta University, “giving a mouse a dose of Viagra can reduce the amount of tumors in these animals by half.” However, it’s important to keep in mind that this result has only been proven to work on animals so far, since experiments on human subjects have yet to begin.

That’s why the team of researchers is doing everything they can to pursue a clinical trial with patients who are considered to be at high risk of colorectal cancer. If they manage to get a green light for such trials to go ahead, then this could be a monumental step forward for patients of this type of cancer.

This is because colorectal cancer is the 3rd most common kind of cancer across the globe, with more than a million people being diagnosed with it every year. In fact, colorectal cancer is such a terrible problem that around 50,000 people lose their lives to it each year in the US alone.

The researchers believe that they might be able to drastically reduce these figures due to the effect that Viagra appears to have on the type of tissue that is prone to colorectal cancer. When carrying out their study, the team showed how a daily dose of the drug reduced the formation of cancer-causing polyps in mouse tissue by around 50%.

Interestingly, researchers have also found that another drug, called linaclotide, usually used to treat irritable bowel syndrome and constipation, was even more effective than Viagra in dealing with colorectal cancer. However, they also found that it comes with a horrible side effect, since it causes diarrhea even at very low doses, ultimately making it unsuitable for prolonged use.

By way of contrast, low doses of Viagra aren’t known to have any negative side effects on human beings. That’s why it would make an incredibly convenient and safe way to help stop the spread of tumor-prone polyps, thanks to the way it promotes the production of a beneficial chemical called cyclic GMP inside the human body.

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