Erotic Massages for Couples

erotic massages

Many couples have a 3some fantasy. In fact probably every couple in the world has at one point in their lives either discussed it, or one of the partners has fantasized about it. Many women too, have mild fantasies of trying a bisexual encounter. Or perhaps letting their man watch such an encounter, knowing how much it would turn him on. There are many different possibilities and scenarios only limited by your imagination. The problem is that trying to arrange something like this is very hard to do. First, finding that elusive woman that both partners find attractive. Secondly, a feeling of being safe, where no one will get jealous. And importantly too, someone discreet. The girls that do Erotic massage for Couples can solve all of these problems at once. The experience is a sensual one, not sleazy. And the couple can discuss a set of rules, guidelines or limits with the girl prior. It can get as naughty as both of you want it to, or it can be sensual massage experience, where the coupe alone have sex and the girl watches, perhaps pleasuring herself. All tastes can be catered to. Live your dream, live your fantasy. Leave the jealousy aspect out of it because this will never lead to anything except your increased mutual pleasure and shared experience.

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