• Price: $400
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Size: 10-12
  • Measurements: C cup
  • Nationality: Chilean
  • Hair Colour: Brunette

It is said that in Chile, adventure is what happens on the way to having an adventure. And rest assured, with Beatrice there is more than one adventure to be had.

In Chile, you can make plans, but make sure you are open to letting serendipity take over at any time. So you should expect and welcome the unexpected while spending time with Beatrice

But most of all, you should know that the locals never ever rush, in fact, there is a Patagonian saying that says “Those who hurry waste their time” and perhaps that’s something that you should take note of when spending time with Beatrice. Don’t rush for the final prize, but enjoy some simple and sensual meanderings along the way. Just like Chile, in Beatrice there is wonder in every detail.

With her long, long brunette hair cascading over her shoulders like a majestic waterfall, cheeky milk chocolate eyes and her super sexy smile, she will quite simply take your breath away. She is sexy and sultry and full of fun, with a welcoming attitude.

Chile and Beatrice have one thing in common, the two of them are one of the most beautiful, unspoilt parts of our world, and should definitely not be missed.

So stay. Let your guard down. ENJOY!

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