• Price: $550
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Size: 10
  • Measurements:36C-25-37
  • Nationality: Brazlian
  • Hair Colour: Blonde

While it’s true that beautiful women can and will be found in every country the world over, there are a few continents that stand out from the crowd and consistently produce a remarkable amount of hot women. Those continents aren’t doing it on purpose – nor do they seem to be aware of the goldmine they’ve all got their collective hands on, since so many of us seem to lust after the exotic.Unarguably, South America is among the continents that consistently seem to produce the hottest and sexiest women. And luckily for us Australians, we don’t need a passport to visit the exotic world of Bruna. Ahh, how to describe the essence of Bruna with only the English language and a blank sheet of A4 paper? Hot days are followed by hotter nights in South America, and we’re not talking about the weather. South American women in general and Bruna in particular are amongst the sultriest in the world.

Her sun-kissed looks and love for partying are added bonuses. Bruna is just one of the many insanely gorgeous women in countries where beautiful women are a dime a dozen. Luckily for us, travel – and increasingly Australian men – are just a couple of her many loves, so for now we have her here in Sydney! Bruna tells us she loves just about everything in Sydney – with the exception of our current winter. A fair comment – Sydney may be a cold place outside of summer, but it has a habit of heating up when South American girls such as Bruna are involved. Her flair for the dramatic, her sexy accent when she speaks English, and her penchant for dressing the way our girls wish they could get away with – Bruna is a genuine example of the way that Latina women rock and roll when they are far from home and in Sydney! To make a booking and show our visiting South American temptress some of our Sydney heat, call 02 8284 4977

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