• Price: $350
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Size: 8
  • Measurements: C cup bust
  • Nationality: European/Spanish
  • Hair Colour: Brunette

So what are the best things about Spain? Flamenco and tomato festivals? Matadors and bullfights? Tapas and sangria? White beaches and sparkling blue waters? Ibiza and music? Football and passion? Well yeah – they’re pretty awesome – but what about Lucinta? You don’t know her? Really? Well best you get yourself acquainted then.

Sensual and sexy, sophisticated and attractive, affectionate, passionate, and so much more.

With her pretty brown eyes sparkling at you beneath her gorgeous auburn hair, all atop a fabulous size 8 figure and a perfect, pert C cup bust, Lucinta will set your heart a flutter the moment she utters her first word to you, with that sexiest of sexy Spanish accents. The more she speaks and flutters her lashes in your direction, the more helpless you will become as you all but dissolve at her touch. It’s all you can do to keep your composure and see the hour out……or will you surrender and keep her for longer…..we’ll let you be the judge of that….but we think you will 🙂

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