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  • Height: 5 '3"
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  • Nationality: Australian/Moroccan
  • Hair Colour:

Are you looking for something a little more than your normal, everyday? Perhaps a one off treat for yourself or something deeper. I have an emotional quality that seeks to understand your particular needs. I can be your confidante, lover and friend. Let me be the one with which you seek comfort, confidence in and who emboldens you to embrace your sexual independence outside of your daily life. And all of this with utmost discretion.

I am outgoing and comfortable in casual social settings and make friends easily. A gentleman who is known for his great wit and charm. My presentation, good manners and engaging conversation makes me the ideal date to set you at ease so that you can be entertained and inspired by to enjoy your evening and your experience with me.

In my personal life I am fit and healthy and have a daily training regime. I enjoy board sports, am well-traveled and live an active and sociable lifestyle. I love uninhibited fun and particularly love such fun with other people!

Sexually I can be very intimate. I love giving deep relaxing massage with body slide and have confident hands that comes with an innate sense of the body. I particularly enjoy foreplay, touch, skin on skin and seeing what makes you bubble and hum.For those with a little bit of a wild streak I am also experienced with BDSM and the art of playing with and confusing the senses to heighten the sexual experience. Let me be your Christian Grey for the night.

Regardless of your particular circumstances, appearance or sexual desires I am here to cater for and engage with your personal and sexual identity that makes you unique and special. Let’s be the only two people in world for the time we are with each other. You Only Live Once!

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