Sexy Police Women

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Sex life a bit boring lately. Looking for something fresh? Craving something new and different? Let us tempt and tantalise you with the erotic encounter you’ve only ever dreamed of. The Sexy Policewoman.
Bit of a tingle under the flesh now is there?
You’ve been bad, very bad. And this policewoman is dirty. She’s a dirty cop – and she’s gonna take the law into her own hands! She’s aggressive and she’s seductive. She is dangerous and tempting all at once.
Her uniform is like a second skin – the blue cloth grips her sensuous perfect curves. The hat perches provocatively atop her head, tilted lightly over one eye. As the fantasy starts to rise over you you start to relax into it and begin to enjoy it more. There is less trepidation. She struts around you with the determination and confidence of a cop. She twirls her cuffs around teasingly.
She forces you up against the wall, arms above your head, legs astride. She begins to pat you down. Look out! You’re beginning to find a new exhilaration in this unfamiliar agenda. What’s that. She thinks she has found something on you. She insists on a strip search.
She tells you you need to be arrested and punished for your misdeeds. She handcuffs you to the bed and stands over you, ever so provocatively, while brandishing a little whip in her hand.
What will your sentence be? How many lashes will you get? Will you need more – indeed, will you want more? She trails the whip across your bare chest. Your eyes are closed as you soak in the moment. But the you hear the soft slap of the whip against your skin, the sound seems to fill the room as you realise you feel it as well…..and you smile and wince all at once, a heady mixture of pleasure and pain.
You start to tug against the cuffs. You’re used to being able to move at will and touch what you want. But now that choice is gone. It’s part of your punishment. She teases you and taunts you until she feels your sentence has been served, your punishment complete.
She runs her hand down your chest and towards your groin. She was right. There was something there! By the time she removes the cuffs you can barely contain yourself any longer……..
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