Have An Affair, Life Is Too Short

Have an Affair Life is too short

The average life expectancy is about 67. Shave off 18 years growing up and another 17 growing old and you have a 30 year window of opportunity. For what, you might ask? Well, getting laid, having fun and wild sex. 30 years may seem a lot, but as you get older the years zip by. Not to mention the fact that it could all end at any moment with you sitting there in your last few seconds thinking “I wish I could have (insert activity here).

Having regrets about not having fulfilled your fantasies is one of the worst things that you can imagine. After all, everything is a learning experience. Once, a friend told me “Sometimes, the worst of the strange is better than the best of the familiar”. I was just very young then. But what he said made sense.

Then I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. It’s one of those ones you cant see, aren’t contagious and have no symptoms, but at any time you could just get hit by the proverbial bus. Life really is too short. After undergoing a 6 hour operation to remove some bad bits (don’t worry, I am fine for the moment) I came to the realization that I must live my life. I adore my partner, he is a great guy, but there are sometimes things I can’t do or ask him to do.

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