Ladies in Uniform

Man hugs woman

Do you love the combination of women and authority? At our agency we have gorgeous women who will take you in hand and save you from a boring night alone in your hotel room. Whatever your role-play fantasy, our sexy ladies know what they want and you’ll be driven mad until you find out what’s beneath the uniform waiting to get out.

Ever thought of getting arrested by a hot woman in a non regulation cop uniform? She won’t be throwing you in a cell but you may enjoy her hand cuff manoeuvres when she tells you to turn around, put your hands behind your back and spread em’. Or perhaps you’d prefer a stunner in khaki or olive green camouflage? A drab look – not when the uniform accentuates luscious curves and who knows what orders might this military lass may bark at you in bed? And what could be better than a woman with great oral skills that you have to salute in the morning! Think about how many fierce moments might you have with a sexy female fire fighter? She’ll be clad in life saving lingerie under her fire apparel and peeling it off her perfect toned body could be the start of a very steamy encounter.

If you prefer to be in charge you may want to wind it down a little and enjoy a layover rendezvous with a sexy stewardess. A knock at the door might also lead to a no-strings hook-up with a room service attendant who shows a little too much cleavage and will stay to make sure your every need is catered for. Then there is the white hot night nurse will raise more than your temperature when she stops by your room to check in on you.

Let our bombshells make magic happen. Nothing beats a woman in uniform (except maybe getting her out of one, that is!)