Escorts for the Disabled


Whether you are newly disabled, new to sex, want more sex or are just looking for some ideas to improve your sex life, read on! People with disabilities are just like the rest of the population – some have vivid sexual imaginations, some are uninhibited whilst others need lots of reassurance and help to assist them in their enjoyment of sex. Some people with disabilities have partners whilst others are sadly resigned to celibacy, wrongly assuming that their disability precludes them from a fulfilling and natural sex life. Our escorts are empathetic, easy to talk to and will be happy to try out your suggestions with you. If you find it difficult to speak of sex and your disability, they have the experience and confidence to lead the way and to show you that it is only your imagination that limits you and that sexual enjoyment is something that practically everyone can enjoy in one way or another. Humans are not solitary beings – we thrive on all sorts of contact with other people whether it be platonic, intimate or sexual. Disabilities don’t count in the arena of intimacy – we all need and deserve contact and intimacy to be healthy in our minds, spirits and bodies.

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