Foot Fetish Massage

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Sydney Outcalls are well known for their diverse range of woman, men, and services. We understand that people are different, and so are their sexual preferences, and personal tastes.
Our long list of escorts range includes woman, men, straight, gay and transgender, different nationalities, ages, shapes and sizes. We will always do our best to ensure the escort you choose is the escort most suited to your personal tastes and desires. But, we also realise there is a lot more to making our clients truly happy and satisfied than looks alone.

If you are one of the many men (or woman) who find yourself aroused by those more “kinky” harder to find sexual practices, you don’t need to look any further. Sydney Outcalls now provides an extensive array of “Fetish and Fantasy” services….and our “Foot Fetish Fantasy Service” is one of our most popular!

Erotic Sensual Foot Fetish play is an incredibly stimulating and intimate service, so it is important it is carried out by someone who has a deep understanding of this much sought after Fetish and will enjoy every moment as much as you do. They love nothing more than adorning their feet with toe rings, anklets, the finest stockings, most exquisite shoes. They worship their feet as much as you will. From an indulgent foot massage, pampering pedicure, to the extra sensory interactions such as toe sucking, foot kissing and licking. Then, if you wish, the tables can be turned. Our Foot Fetish escorts will rub and caress your thighs, legs, and slowly make their way down your body, culminating with one of the best “foot jobs” you could imagine.

One truly satisfying, sensual, wickedly kinky experience, enjoy!!!
erotic massages