Sex Is Going to Turn You On...

Sex is Going to Turn you On

Let’s face it. We all need some good sex sometimes. Doing the self-service thing will always tide you over for a while but it certainly doesn’t do the complete job. Even for us girls. Well, to be honest, especially for us girls. Have you ever noticed the girl at work that is walking with a particular spring in her step? Yes, that’s right, the one that is smiling all day and chatty and happy? You guessed it. She is getting laid regularly. But not just getting sex. She is getting good sex. You see, when you are getting good sex, you are always more turned on. The fact is that even though you may have just been satisfied last night, you will soon be wanting more. Like the proverbial light switch, sex will turn you on, make you more confident and even make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Did you ever notice how much more attention you get when you are already getting great sex? Guys will always be more self-assured and women always have a certain glow. A perfect example is when I moved to Sydney from New York. I went through a little dry spell not knowing a single person in town. It’s not like I am not a sexy attractive girl, it’s just that I can be a little shy sometimes. Then one night I met a guy at a club. We hit it off like a chemistry experiment and next thing you know we were having some pretty wild sex.

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