Why Do Men Cheat?


Many women dating men seem to be worried about their partner cheating on them, especially with how often it is portrayed in modern movies, television, etc. So why do men cheat? What is it that is making them so vulnerable and indulging in sexual acts with other women without their partner’s knowledge? Well, unfortunately, every case of a cheating man is different, and the only people who may truly know why it happened, are the cheaters themselves. But we do have some ideas as to why men may cheat.

First of all, one main reason why men cheat is because their sex lives with their partners have become dull or non-existent. Over time, men may feel very annoyed and fed up with the lack of sex in their relationship. They feel they need to get their sexual needs somewhere, so if their partner isn’t willing to enjoy time with them in the bedroom, he will decide to just get it elsewhere without her knowing. There are also men who are eager to explore what else is out there. They could have a fulfilling sex life with their partner, but they have curiosity when it comes to other women. Having sex with other women will satisfy that curiosity, and men in long term relationships may like the idea that women still want and crave them.

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